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TPC Handpiece Lubrication System

Various models & accessories

Our Price : $14.00 - $1,154.00  $16.00 - $1,350.00

Product Features:

  • Economical, efficient and time-saving
  • A fail-safe maintenance solution for your office
  • Filtered air used to rotate handpieces for safety
  • Care for most handpieces and all handpieces brands
  • Disposable mist filtration system
  • Solution level indicator
  • Detachable door for easy cleaning of unit
  • Easy replenishment of solution  tank
  • Air Pressure guage
  • Oil flow control valve

Model H6000:  3 High speed handpiece positions

Model H6005:  2 High speed and 1 low speed, E-type motor position

Model H6025:  1 High speed and 2 low speed, E-type motor positions

All models include: 12/ pk of Mist Filters, Lubrication Fluid, Air filter

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Item # Type Price Quantity
TPC-H6000 Model H6000 $1250.00
TPC-H6025 Model H6025 $1350.00
TPC-H6005 Model H6005 $1300.00
TPC-H6125 Lubrication Fluid $40.00
TPC-H6130 Mist Filter (12/ pk) $20.00
TPC-H6135 Absorbent Door Strips $16.00
TPC-H6150-KAVO KAVO type HP adapter $102.50
TPC-H6155-NSK NSK type HP adapter $102.50
TPC-H6160-BIENAIR BIEN AIR Type Adapter $102.50
TPC-H6165-W&H W&H type HP adapter $102.50
TPC-H6145-MW MW slow speed quick connect adapter $102.50
TPC-H6175-E-Type Bridge Blocks $102.50

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All qualified product returns should be properly packaged and returned in new condition to receive credit.

Unless IQ Dental shipped something different from what was ordered, or the product arrived damaged, customers will be responsible for return shipping.

All Rx products (anesthetics, pharmaceuticals etc.) are non-returnable, unless there was an error in shipping or the product arrived damaged.

All manufacturer made-to-order products are non-returnable, unless there was an error in shipping or the product arrived damaged.

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